• VS - Murder She Wrote - BTS
  • VS - Pretty Little Liar - BTS
  • JIMS - Screaming Out - BTS
  • CDG & CRA Photoshoot
    Chi V10+ "Horsepower & Firepower"
  • Dug Infinite "The Sampler Vol. 2"
  • Contego Defense Group 2016 Promos
  • Dug Inf back in Chicago for the Soul Summit!
    Dug Inf Soul Summit 03/25/2017
  • Howie's Birthday Fundraiser 03/26/2017
  • Urbanites crew minus 2 because Frankie's missing & Phil Gates shot the photo.
    Urbanites (Semi) Reunion 04/04/2017
  • Chicago arial image by Phil Gates.
    Spring Cleaning 2017 (FREE Giveaway)
  • 2018 "Business Never Personal" Dance Battle & Workshop Event

``The purpose of life is a life of purpose.``

~Robert Byrne


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