We’re deeply honored to have Dug Inf as part of the team here at Highpower. Be sure to visit his personal site at as well & stay on the look out for new projects & releases with Dug Infinite & Highpower Studios.


Residing in San Francisco by way of Chicago, Dug Infinite is an icon that holds with him a long history within Chicago’s unique hip-hop culture & hip-hop culture in general.

Born on the south side of Chicago, Dug Infinite is an early pioneer of hip-hop production. Originally getting his start as a B-boy and Dj, he quickly fell in love with production and emceeing. Doug has landed production for Common, NO. I.D., Masta Ace, Lenny Williams, Baby Bam of the Jungle Brothers, All Natural Inc, Mass Hysteria and many more. Considered by many to be one of the Legendary Pioneers of Chicago’s hip-hop sound.

Dug has also been an active advocate for the hip-hop community, employing many comrades in his skateboard shop, teaching workshops to kids, lecturing, speaking on panels, and mentoring Kanye West and many other producers and emcees from the new generation.

Dug continues to pursue his passion for music through entrepreneurship, education, and entertainment; always striving to maintain a connection to the younger hip-hop generation while providing his fans with the highest quality of music.


Dug Infinite was established in 1990 with the mission to
inspire, uplift, educate, entertain, and beautify the world’s story.

We use sound, rhythm, technology, mentor-ship and art to bring the story to the world.

For Dug music is universal and Infinite represents all genres of music, for all types of people across the world.

Hip-Hop is Love!
Dug Infinite

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