Highpower has built its foundation in the audio and music industry and never swayed too far. Whether doing visual work for other music artists, producers, and performers, doing audio work for visuals or studio work for other artists, producers, or musicians Highpower keeps a tight grip on its audio roots. From music production to mix downs, Highpower has an amazing arsenal of legendary music producers and audio engineers with an array of unrivaled skillsets and a deep, rich history that assist in undertaking any project or venture. With the likes of Dug Infinite, Presyce, Dave Digi, and Phil Gates, amongst others, Highpower’s distinctive sound is unsurpassed, always evolving, and developing towards the highest of standards. Trendsetters through skill, experience, and talent without all the gimmicks and politics that plague the industry, Highpower intends to continue raising the standard and provide a platform for these talented creative icons to express their art and incredible talent whether for a client or for our own company projects. #highpower #hpwr #highpowerstudios #teamhighpower #duginf #presyce #davedigi #philgates #music #music-production #sound-engineer #recording-studio

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