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Our full service video production services can help captivate your audience.
Our Purpose

We are a passionate video production company focused on piloting the creative process for you and your corporation’s needs.

Everyone has a story to tell. Our love for people and their stories has made it easy for us to add a great deal of that human emotion, sentiment, and logic to our approach both from the business standpoint of things as well as in the production process. Creating something amazing that people are able to connect with and appreciate is what motivates us. We are forever grateful to our incredible clients for allowing us to fulfill the passion we have for our craft.

What We Offer

What we offer.

Full service film and video production from conception to completion.

» Commercials and Promos

» Product Videos

» Corporate Videos

» Testimonial Videos

» Profile Videos

» Crowdfunding Videos

» Campaign Videos

» Tutorial Videos

» Industrial and Manufacturing Videos

» Music Videos

» Motion Graphics and Animations

» Title Sequences

» Feature Films and Short Films

» Livestream Productions

The Process

The process.

The stages of film and video production.

Before a project can get started, it needs to go through the “development” phase. This phase includes the creation, writing, organizing and planning of a film or video project. The budget is set, cast begins auditions, locations are decided, scripts – multiple in many instances – are written, writers and directors typically begin to create storyboards to help visualize the idea, and rights must be procured to any media adapted to the film or video project.

After a project has completed the development phase, it’s not quite time to start filming. Although production is getting closer, there first needs to be a pre-production phase. Even with the cameras not rolling, pre-production can be just as intense as the filming itself.

During the pre-production period, we need to know finalize locations and cast, determine and set the budget, and finalize any changes that might need to be made. Crew members will also have to be lined up, sets and costumes created, and work with local cities for cooperation to film in different parts of town if applicable.

The more prepared a project is, the better that project can end up. There should also be backup plans in the case that things change, such as a location having an emergency that prevents the project from filming there. Once the pre-production phase is complete, we move on to the filming phase of production.

Finally, the project is ready to be shot. Production is often the quickest, and sometimes shortest stage of filmmaking. How long it takes to film depends on factors like the number of locations, the duration of the film or video project, and if any key members will off set throughout any part of the filming.

As demanding as development and pre-production can be, production can be even more challenging and even if a production goes smoothly, it can still be stressful. A solid production relies on strong communication. Directors must be clear about their visions. Filmmaking is a collaborative effort, and nowhere is the collaboration more critical than during the production phase. After the first scene is filmed during production, post-production begins.

Post-production is when the footage is edited, visual effects are added, music is composed, and titles are finalized. Editing is one of the most crucial parts of a film or video project, but it can often times be easily overlooked. The pace of the film project is determined in the edit. If a project drags or the plot develops too quickly, the blame can often be placed on bad editing.

Despite its name, post-production occurs in conjunction with filming depending on the project’s budget. Editors, effects artists, sound designers, and composers don’t need to be on-call for scenes so they can fulfill their roles during production. It is ideal to budget for this because they can help to point out issues with the filming that prevent them from doing the best job possible.

Post-production can help reveal the project’s efforts and sacrifices finally paying off. It is where raw footage is refined and begins to resemble the final product. The process may not sound easy, but done right the end result is definitely worth the effort.

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