Contego Defense Group Promo Video (circa 2013)

2013 promo video for Contego Defense Group directed, shot, & edited by Phil Gates. Music provided by Phil Gates courtesy of Highpower Studios.

Contego Defense Group is a veteran owned and operated firearm instruction company dedicated to the education of their students in safe and responsible firearm use and ownership.  The staff at CDG are gun enthusiasts that believe in the benefits of sharing knowledge for the ultimate goal of personal safety.  Through CDG training programs, it is their hope to help each student develop the fundamental skills necessary to promote the use of firearms effectively and with confidence.  Gun ownership is a massive responsibility, but with the right training and a state of mind that respects the firearm, it can be used to great effect for personal defense, competition, or recreation.

CDG classes are geared for shooters of any background; from someone who has never fired a gun to those who have shot for 30 years.  They encourage a lifelong learning process that recognizes there is no one perfect way to shoot but the key is to find the philosophy and techniques that are most effective, and comfortable, to you.

So if you’re ready to accept the responsibility of owning a firearm, then Contego Defense Group is there to help you learn as much as you can about the proper use of your firearm in any situation you may find yourself. Visit them at for more info.


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