Phil Gates 2013 Showreel. Music by Phil Gates courtesy of

Who is this Phil Gates character anyway?

Phil Gates, formerly an iconic Chicago b-boy & DJ who was widely known as Pharoah, has grown into to an established director, cinematographer, music producer, sound engineer, photographer, film editor, & motion graphics artist. With an extensive background in art & music, Phil Gates has learned early on the art of taking the principles of any specific skill set & transferring them onto another skill set which in turn has allowed him to achieve a number of talents with great success.

Phil Gates has also mentored a slew of successful b-boys, music producers, visual artists, recording artists, & sound engineers many of which have continued on to great achievements as well. He has performed with many legendary acts & is one of the first of Chicago’s real hitters. Many hitter’s shows even today are transfigurations of his original showcases.

A visionary & a doer with an astounding work ethic, Phil Gates has had an amazing track record for meeting & exceeding expectations thus far & is destined to achieve even greater accomplishments as he continues to learn & grow.

Visit his official website at & stay up to date with this legendary Chicago icon.


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